Kobe Bryant Once Went Viral for Being a Good Husband to Vanessa Even When Everyone Was Only Focused on Him

Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant didn’t have a great day at the Duke vs Oregon game back in 2016. Vanessa tripped and fell hard on the stadium floor while making an entrance to the stadium.



It almost caused Kobe to trip and fall. The couple walked into the arena to take their seats, but the event turned into a catastrophe. During that time,



her green Louboutin flew away and Kobe was trying to save her, and in the process, he went out of balance. It became an instant Internet sensation.

Thousands of online fans started commenting. What everyone noticed was that Kobe remained faithful to Vanessa despite everyone’s attention being focused on him.



He did greet all the fans after saving his wife, which you can see in the video. Going through the tunnel, Vanessa’s heels got in the way as there was some elevation between the two carpets on the way, and going through that, Vanessa slipped.

But fans did not stop chanting for Kobe after this, either. Perhaps they didn’t notice quite well, but it was a sad scene to watch. Kobe has millions of fans and there can be no doubt that how much they love and support him.



However, this scenario might come off as somewhat insensitive, given how no one cared about Vanessa’s fallout and nobody stopped chanting. Even after this video went viral, people began making fun of her and that might have affected her a little.

There have been many instances where celebrities went viral because they missed steps, fell hard, or had an issue with their dress. Additionally, the response from the audience hasn’t been that nice, especially with respect to that particular person.



Sometimes, the audience’s responses have left the speaker in an uncomfortable position. The same thing happened with Vanessa. Thankfully, her husband, Kobe, was there to help her. Especially when all eyes were on Kobe in the stadium.

In the video, it can be seen that he took his time to lift up and make his wife comfortable before walking further, holding her hand in the crowd. We would like to hear your thoughts on this issue.


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