JOSIE – The Lonely One: Episode 1

JOSIE – The Lonely One: Episode 1

For the first time in my life seven years after my twelveth birthday,why do I feel so comfy in my sleep?
I opened my eyes and looked around…..Wait where am I? This place is so beautiful but how did I get here?
I was in a really large room beautifully decorated.

Just then a man entered”Oh you’re awake already,Josie” does he know my name?
“Why are you looking at me that way?Have you forgotten what happened yesterday?”He asked
What happened yesterday?
I closed my eyes and tried to remember. Yeah when I was in the streets as usual, trying to sell the carton of biscuits that I always do everyday for one woman to at least earn a living, this man showed up, telling me he’s my uncle and promised to give me a better life
I was so shocked and surprised that I passed out on the spot.

“I remember”I told him softly”But are you really my uncle?”
He nodded”Since you lost your parents in an accident 12 years ago,I’ve searched everywhere for you so you won’t suffer.”
Yeah my parents were really wealthy but I had no choice but to live that kind of life after they died.

“So welcome home. I want you to see this place as your home. I’ll get your cousins”He left
Then,a guy and a girl entered, looking very beautiful, their skin spotless. They really haven’t ever suffered in this life.

“Hi. My name is Zach”The guy said,smilling sweetly at me “I’m so happy to have you as my cousin. Dad said you’ll be attending our school too”

“Stop it, Zach The girl said angrily” How can you call this tattered looking girl our cousin?She looks like a beggar. Why would dad bring a beggar to our house?”

“Hey Violet, you shouldn’t speak that way to her. She’s our cousin”
Gosh! This girl is really rude. How can she call me a beggar. I wouldn’t be looking like this if my parents hadn’t died in that accident.

“Hey look here, you pest. I’m giving you two hours to get your rotten self out of this house “She told me, glaring at me
“It was my uncle that brought me here” I told her, she’s mean.

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