Is Vanessa Bryant Dating? Rumors Debunked

It has been more than two years since Vanessa Bryant’s husband, Kobe Bryant died in a tragic accident. And fans are speculating whether or not the former model is back in the dating game again.



Vanessa and Kobe had tied the knot in 2001. They had first met each other back in 1999 and immediately felt a spark between them. So, in the span of 6 quick months after bumping into each other, Vanessa and Kobe got engaged.



Although the couple had their fair shares of bumps and hurdles in their relationship, they had been together for about 20 years, before Kobe passed away.

Vanessa gave birth to four daughters that she shares with her late husband, namely Natalia, Bianka, Gianna, and Capri. However, she lost Gianna to the same accident that she lost her husband to.



Ever since Kobe Bryant passed away in January 2020, his wife’s love life has become a source of speculation for everyone. Last year, the American philanthropist was seen sitting next to the 47-year old basketball coach, Derek Fisher, at the WNBA All-Star Game.

And that had led to a whole bunch of rumors going around about the two possibly seeing each other. However, Fisher had reportedly gotten married to actress Gloria Govan just last year, in July 2021. So,



the rumors about Fisher and Vanessa being a ‘thing’ are most probably just that, rumors. Back in 2011, Vanessa and Kobe had filed for divorce due to some personal grievances and differences.

But the pair decided to not go through with it, and stay together instead. During that time though, there had been some rumors about Vanessa seeing the professional boxer, Victor Ortiz.



Ortiz’s manager had slammed those rumors down shut at that time, claiming that none of it was true. Apparently, the boxer was more invested in his career and anyways had a penchant for “midwestern blondies”.

However, after Kobe’s death, the rumors had resurfaced yet again. This time, Ortiz himself responded to the allegedly false assumptions. “That’s crazy.

I would never do something like that”, Ortiz claimed. He even said that the two hadn’t even been in the same room together, let alone date.

Even though rumors about Vanessa dating someone have been going around, the mother of four isn’t going out with anybody as of right now.

Sources told E! News that the 39-year old’s “main focus is always the girls”, referring to her daughters. “Kobe was her one and only”, another source mentioned as they made it very clear that Vanessa won’t be seeing anybody anytime soon.

In fact, Vanessa very recently posted a picture of her with Kobe on February 14, Valentine’s Day, as she reminisced about her other half. And in the caption, she wrote how Kobe would be her “forever Valentine.”


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