Is Lewis Hamilton Single or in a Relationship?

When Lewis Hamilton becomes the center of attraction, which has been happening a bit too often in recent times, there are often hundreds of questions that would linger in the fans’ heads.



If the prominence is due to a race victory, some would wonder how many victories the Briton had achieved so far. Or, if he crashed out of a race, some would break their heads wondering, ‘how many times has Hamilton crashed out of a Grand Prix?’



So, these are quite common questions mostly focusing on his on-track successes and failures. And the answers are pretty easy to retrieve. But, as we dive deeper into his personal and private life, more often than not, there is nothing but darkness.

‘Is Lewis Hamilton single?’- there is a massive uncertainty over this particular question. Yes, he was in a long-term relationship with Nicole Scherzinger for 8 years before splitting up in 2015.



Apart from her, there are a lot of other women the British racing driver has dated in the past. But, since many are already aware of the list, we don’t really want to re-iterate that. Instead, let’s look at the present.

Is he dating anyone now? Well, earlier this year, a lot of the fans triggered a connection between Hamilton and his physiotherapist, Angela Cullen, reckoning the duo are in a relationship.



However, after a certain level of reading into the Kiwi’s life, it was learned that she’s indeed married and has kids as well. Then, another speculation sprung out of a model, Camila Kendra, following her Instagram story from Hamilton’s house.

The fact that she spent time with the 7-time world champion in his house triggered a lot of theories within the fandom. But, eventually, Kendra’s representative clarified that they weren’t dating each other and were ‘good friends‘.



Moreover, Kendra was at Hamilton’s house along with her actual boyfriend (now ex), Tyler Cameron, who is also quite close to the Mercedes driver.

Hence, the answer is ‘No’. Hamilton isn’t dating anyone as of now. He might be, but, we can’t infer it unless we get to hear it from Hamilton himself, or at least a fan spotting the Mercedes champion with his ‘date’.