Interesting Fact About Michael Jordan’s Wife Yvette Prieto

Famously known as Michael Jordan’s wife, Yvette Prieto is a 41 years old model worth millions. Undoubtedly, she holds her personality as a Cuban-American celebrity. Not much is known about their married life because the couple has managed to stay super-private. Besides, Yvette Prieto herself likes to keep a low social profile.





But luckily, we have dug some facts about her that you should know.
Yvette Prieto Net worth
What do you think, how much will she be worth? Well, it must be surprising because Yvette Prieto is known to have a net worth of $5 million. Whopping millions! But in the past.



Unfortunately, she got herself on the edge of financial turmoil in the past years of work, losing all the assets and worth. She acted more sensibly than we can imagine, pulled her financial affairs together building a net worth of $1.5 million, again.
The early phase of life



Born in 1979, she celebrates her birthday on the 26th of March. Her birthplace is Florida, and she was brought up in Miami. Her parents Carlos and Maria Prieto are not famous personalities. By descent, she is Cuban but in her youth, she relocated to the USA, and became a citizen. So, now she is not only Cuban but also American.

Coming to her academic background, all we know is that she has majored in business management.
Modelling – Not the first career choice
If you think she has been modelling forever, you are wrong because modelling has never been her priority.

She made the best use of her business degree and worked for several multinational companies before switching the field. In the start, Yvette Prieto used to practice her management skills at Beet the LBS and Aqua Management, located in Miami.

She did very well and still is acknowledged for her treasured effort. Soon after this job, she made a flip and started focusing on a “glamour life”. And, we are glad that she made this decision as we can all see how brilliant it turned out.

Celebrity life
One thing you must learn and that is… SHE IS MUCH MORE THAN A WIFE OF FAMOUS PLAYER! She completely has the right to claim herself a celebrity, after all, Yvette Prieto has been one of the most paid models with a professional history of working with Alexander Wang, a globally respected designer. In her modeling career,

the stepping stone was her only commercial where she acted as a bikini model. She is known for her role in the documentary “Cuba: An Island Apart” which helped her take off her career. In short, she is absolutely a star in her domain. And what domain is that? Modeling. Acting. Business management.

Political and Charitable work
Along with having an incredible career in the Hollywood industry, Yvette Prieto has been keeping herself in touch with the political world. Because of her unfearful personality, she fulfilled the role of Republican very efficiently. Well, that is not all about Yvette, as she is extremely charitable. In multiple events, she has been seen tosupport charities. You can check their social media accounts for more info.

A brilliant dancer
Adding another talent to her long list of skills! In 2008, she started working as a “freak dancer” at a Miami nightclub, where she met Michael. Still, if you see her dancing, you would be awestruck with her moves. She is definitely a pleasing dancer that will catch your attention, right away.

She dated other celebrities
One of the most shocking parts of her life is her dating history. More like a star-studded dating history! The one who stands out is her compatibility seen with the Iglesias family. She used to date Julio Iglesias Jr.

where she appeared romantically linked but unluckily, it all ended. And that was the time when he met and fell in love again with handsome, decent, and one of the richest players Michael Jordan. Well, we cannot blame fate, can we!

Marriage with Jordan
Married to a basketball legend Michael Jordan, she first met in a nightclub where Yvette Prieto was a dancer, and he was just celebrating his life achievements. In 2008, they fell in love and made a quick decision to move in together the very next tear. We don’t know much about their engagement, but we hope it was dreamy enough. They got engaged in 2011 over Christmas Eve, doubling the charm of the starry night!

Do you know how much they spent on their wedding? More than you can imagine! The estimated amount is more than £10 million. Married in 2013 on 27th of the April, the destination was marvelous, Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church. What can be a better place than having a wedding at the beach!

The guest list had fortune celebrities including Tiger Woods, Usher, and Robin Thicke. But those things were not as attractive as their 7-layer white rum cake ornamented with crystal brooches. Pretty fairytale! A year later in 2013 on 11 December 11, they welcomed identical twin daughters. Yvette Prieto twins are named Ysabel and Victoria.

Being a big-hearted lady, she is also taking care of three children of Juanita Vanoy. The couple is still going strong together, though they choose to keep their lives as private as possible. And, wait!! No matter how rich they are, they still are not living in a mansion or any luxurious expensive resort but a simple room having 3 lavish bedrooms in Kendal, Florida worth a maximum of $300,000.

Is she 12 inches shorter than Michael?
Yes, even if you have not noticed it, they have a huge height difference. Yvette Prieto is only 5’6 whereas Michael is 6’6 making Yvette 12 inches shorter.

A prenuptial agreement
Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto has made a prenuptial contract and signed on a legal deal saying: If they divorce, Yvette Prieto will be receiving $1 million for every year they were together. If the couple splits up after the completion of 10 years, Yvette will be rewarded $5 million for every year they stayed married.


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