Incredible stat shows just how dominant Patrick Mahomes has been

Patrick Mahomes' comments about his offseason should get fans fired up

Patrick Mahomes just won his second MVP and his second Super Bowl MVP, and the craziest part is he isn’t even 28 yet.



The Kansas City Chiefs are lucky to have a guy with G.O.A.T. potential on their team, and the best part is that he will be in Kansas City for a while.



Incredible stat shows just how dominant Patrick Mahomes has been



It seems like after last year, which people called a “down year” that a lot of people forgot about Mahomes. Sure, he didn’t start the 2021 season the best, but his “down year” was still better than most quarterbacks’ best year. In 2021 he finished fourth in passing yards with 4,800, and fourth in the league in touchdowns with 37.

It was a down year, yet he finished with fewer interceptions than Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, Tom Brady, and Joe Burrow. But it was a down year.



This season, he made everyone remember who he was. He went for over 5,200 yards passing and threw 41 touchdowns, which both led the league, while only throwing 12 interceptions, a few that weren’t his fault, too.





The conversation last year was between Mahomes, Herbert, Allen, and Burrow. I don’t think it’s really a conversation anymore. Two things have changed: Jalen Hurts inserted himself into that convo, and Patrick Mahomes just went bonkers and got even better when people thought it wasn’t possible.

This new stat shows just how dominant he is too. Patrick Mahomes has more total passing touchdowns, which means postseason too, than Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Mac Jones, and Trevor Lawrence all combined.

Incredible stat shows just how dominant Patrick Mahomes has been

Sure, he has been in the league longer, but that’s also four players, which just seems crazy. Mahomes is at a different level than everyone else. Even when he won his first MVP, there were discussions that Aaron Donald was still the best player in the league. Now, I don’t think there is another option. It’s Patrick Mahomes.