Kobe Bryant’s widow takes daughters to Croatia to fulfil wish

Vanessa has been posting snaps on her Instagram profile from the southern Croatian city of Dubrovnik in the company of the her daughters and the wife of Spanish basketball star Pau Gasol. Gasol and Bryant were longtime teammates at the Los Angeles Lakers and their wives’ friendship extends from that era.




Vanessa revealed the motivation for visiting Dubrovnik, which played home to King’s Landing in the hit series Game of Thrones. “Took my kids to King’s Landing. Total Cersei/Khaleesi move. Kobe allowed Natalia to go on a trip to Croatia with her class her senior year of high school but unfortunately the trip was cancelled due to COVID.



I wanted to make sure Natalia got the opportunity to visit. It’s beautiful,” Vanessa wrote on Instagram. Vanessa lost Kobe and 13-year-old Gianna in a helicopter crash in January last year. The couple had four children together.