‘You are the best part of me’: Lewis Hamilton pays a gushing tribute to his ‘loving and compassionate’ mother Carmen on her birthday

Lewis Hamilton shared a gushing tribute to his mother Carmen Larbalestier on her birthday via Instagram on Wednesday. The Formula One champion, 35, took to social media to share a slew of photos with his mother over the years, as he thanked her for being a loving and compassionate person in his life.





In a sweet caption, he wrote: ‘I want to take a moment to celebrate my mum today. Since the day you brought me into this world you showered me with love, showed me the importance of empathy, compassion and caring for others ‘The unconditional love you’ve shown me is unmatched and I feel so lucky to have a mother as wonderful as you.



‘You are the best part of me. Happy Birthday mum, I hope you have the best day. ‘One snap saw Lewis hugging Carmen close to him with glee, while in another she stood smiling next to him as he held up a Union flag after a successful race. In another picture, Carmen could be seen wrapping her arms around Lewis with an emotional expression on her face after he’d come top in another race. Lewis is is mixed race with a black British father, Anthony, and a white mother, Carmen, who separated when the driver was two-years-old.
At the time, Lewis’ father moved out of their home in Stevenage and Raymond Lockhart, who Carmen later married, moved in.



At 15, Lewis faced huge upheaval as his mother and Mr Lockhart announced they were leaving Stevenage and moving to London. Lewis stayed in Stevenage and moved in with his father, stepmother Linda and brother Nicholas. It proved the springboard for success as he won one racing victory after another. He previously said of his family: ‘Just having my dad, my mum, my brother and Linda there for me is far greater than the support of 100,000 people in a stadium. ‘Without my family, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I owe everything to them. My dad for pushing me, and helping me with decisions.
‘My mum, my two mums, for being so supportive, for raising me and for giving me direction. And my brother who’s never ever doubted me.’


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