How Much Does Lewis Hamilton’s Trainer Angela Cullen Earn?

Angela Cullen is a well-recognized face in the Formula 1 paddock. Always beside Lewis Hamilton, the trainer has been more than that- a friend and a confidante to the champion.



Hamilton has often credited his success to Cullen; but how much does the physiotherapist earn? Angela Cullen found her way into Formula 1 because of her passion for sports.



After her graduation, she worked as a senior physiotherapist for London’s English Institute of Sport. There, she played a significant role in strengthening the British Olympic Team.

She later returned to New Zealand and worked with SPARC High Performance as a senior advisor until 2010.Thus, Cullen brings with her immense qualification and experience, one fitting for a champion.



Angela Cullen became Hamilton’s physio in 2016; since then, she has proved crucial to the driver’s progress. Apart from training him during the season and traveling with Hamilton to his races, she is also a frequent sight during off-season training.

As a part of her work, she handles the Mercedes driver’s diet, sleeping patterns, mental health, and travel. During the time off between races, Cullen keeps Hamilton active in unique ways- from swimming and running to cryotherapy.



However, the two have more than a professional relationship. The bond between Cullen and Hamilton is almost unbreakable. With the words ‘loyalty’ tattooed on both of them, surely the meaning of the word is resounding in their rapport.

With Cullen bringing so much to the table, surely her salary must be just as impressive. Cullen’s estimated net worth is estimated to be $15 million [€13.27 million].



She makes a neat £100,000 [$113079] as her salary and earns further income from deals and endorsements. A fitting amount for a woman of her caliber, Hamilton has dedicated multiple victories to his friend.

Cullen has also played a crucial role in helping Hamilton recover from his post-Covid- complications and the physical repercussions of the collision in Monza, where the Red Bull of Max Verstappen was on top of Hamilton’s Mercedes.

Cullen has and will continue to positively impact the confident driver; as the 2022 season awaits new challenges, Cullen will be strapped up and ready to go.


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