How Lewis Hamilton Feels Meeting With The Girlfriend Parent For The Very First Time

Britain’s world champion racing driver will meet his girlfriend’s super-strait-laced family for the first time. And it sounds like he’ll need all the mental strength he shows on the track to impress Nicole’s folks back in Louisville, Kentucky. She told me: “Lewis hasn’t met my family yet, but he will do this Christmas.





“I come from a really conservative family. My grandfather’s a priest and I used to go to church a couple of times a week. I still go.” I got the lowdown from the lead Pussycat when I pushed my way into the line-up before they sang hits from their latest album Doll Domination at an MSN Music Xclusives gig at London’s Movida nightclub. Nicole has been welcomed into the Hamilton family and stays regularly at the Formula 1 star’s home in Switzerland.





Sexy Scherzinger gushed: “His family are lovely. His dad always makes me feel welcome and part of the family. But we’ve met lots.” And she is clearly proud of her Lewis, saying: “Everyone felt the excitement when he won the Grand Prix. “That last lap just killed me. I got so excited I didn’t care about make up or looking pretty and then there’s pictures everywhere and champagne was in my eye and I looked ridiculous. “But I don’t care – I was so proud of him.”