Kobe Bryant’s Estate Says Late NBA Star Did Not Commit ‘Financial Elder Abuse’ Or Promise To Pay His Mother-In-Law $1.5 Million

Kobe Bryant’s estate says the late NBA star never promised to take care of his mother-in-law for the rest of her life. According to court documents obtained by Radar, lawyers for the estate and his widow Vanessa Bryant are demanding the suit brought by Sofia Urbieta be dismissed.





As we previously reported, last year, Sofia sued her daughter and Kobe’s estate. She claimed the late NBA star promised to take care of her financially for the remainder of her life, as long as she helped raise their kids.



She claims to have helped Vanessa raise her kids with Kobe for 18 years but was never provided proper meal breaks or paid overtime. Sofia says after Kobe died Vanessa cut her off and stopped paying her bills. She said her daughter even kicked her out of the home she lived in. At the time the lawsuit was filed, Vanessa released a statement denying her mother’s claims. She said,” This lawsuit is frivolous, disgraceful, and unimaginably hurtful. My husband never promised my mother anything, and he would be so disappointed in her behavior and lack of empathy.” Vanessa called the case nothing more than an “extortion attempt.” She said her mother even contradicted herself in court documents filed in her divorce case. Kobe’s widow says her mother filed declarations in her battle with her ex-husband over support. In those filings, Sofia told the court that Kobe and Vanessa did not provide to her financially and had never purchased her a home.



Sofia said, “Vanessa was not financially supporting me then, and she is not financially supporting me now. I did not live with Vanessa and Kobe then, and I do not live with them not, nor do I permanently reside in a home owned by Vanessa and Kobe.” After making the statements in court, the judge awarded Sofia spousal support from her ex. Vanessa says despite her mom now claiming Kobe promised to support her, the records show otherwise. In newly filed documents, the estate says Sofia also claims Kobe promised to pay her $1.5 million from “the proceeds of a home” that was sold in 2013, along with $25,000 for her bedroom set. The estate says while these claims are false, they are also irrelevant because Sofia cannot legally sue Kobe Bryant.



The lawyer says any claims against Kobe were required to be filed in probate court within a year of his death. Sofia did not file a claim with the probate court and instead filed her civil lawsuit. Kobe’s estate says this is reason enough for the case to be tossed. Further, Vanessa addressed allegations that her mother is owed money from the sale of a Mercedes that she was not the owner of. The car was reportedly sold in 2020.Sofia referred to the car as “hers” and claimed she was tricked into allowing it to be sold. The motion says, “This claim of “trickery” is patently untrue, but Urbieta’s false allegations are irrelevant because she does not allege that she paid for, registered, or owned the vehicle.”

Further, Vanessa says her mother’s attempt to recover alleged overtime and meal break pay is absurd since California law doesn’t allow a family member to bring claims over work such as periodic babysitting. In her original suit, Sofia said Kobe committed “financial elder abuse” when he did not pay her $1.5 million from the sale of a home and failed to put her name on the deed on a separate home. Kobe’s team says, “no such claims can be asserted against Kobe’s estate or trust. Also, where a contract is not enforceable, elder abuse cannot lie for failing to honor that contract.” The estate and Vanessa are asking for the entire case to be thrown out immediately.