Lewis Hamilton’s father: Our split broke my heart

Lewis Hamilton’s early Formula One career was spent with his father Anthony Hamilton right by his side as his manager, but they split in 2010.That was when the driver decided to go on his own and his father has revealed that this was not a mutual decision.





“That broke my heart,” he revealed on David Letterman’s ‘My next guest needs no introduction’ series. “From the time he started at eight years of age, we used to have a father-son ‘be careful and do the best you can’ kind of handshake every time he went out for a race.



“In 2010, that was it. “It all just stopped, it was hard. “We didn’t communicate for probably that year and the second year. “Several years on, I look back at it and think he was looking out for himself. “I wouldn’t so much say that he broke my heart, but my heart was broken. “It was a moment that you knew was going to come. “I pushed hard, whether it was good for me or bad for me for my relationship with Lewis. “It was always full on because I could see the brilliance in Lewis, and I still can. “Nowadays they do speak and Anthony Hamilton appeared at his son’s show with David Letterman.