WATCH: YouTuber Spots Michael Jordan Cruising in His Spectacular Yellow Ferrari Pista

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. However, he has had a significant part of his life off-the-court devoted to his other hobbies and recreational activities. People knew little about Michael Jordan’s off-the-court habits until he became a superstar.





And once he did, we have generally seen him either gambling or playing golf in his free time. Considering how fast and athletic Michael was, it is not a surprise that he also has a fond hobby of collecting cars. However, his fascination with cars is something that is relatively less known to the world since it is more personal to him.



before his retirement, we often saw Michael driving around in his collection of Corvettes, Range Rover, and Porsche cars. Baltic Supra Racing is a page created by a car enthusiast named Pedro Malagon. In a video blog that he posted on his channel, he encountered Michael Jordan in his shining yellow Ferrari Pista. The YouTuber could not believe that it was Michael Jordan when he crossed the car. After waiting a little to see if it is actually him, Pedro finally got the surprise that it was, in fact, the NBA legend in that car. Upon confirming that it was Michael in the car, Pedro was extremely star-struck. He said, “Listen I’m not one to really really be ever be like star struck. I don’t really follow celebrities or watch a lot of movies or care for that type of stuff much. But, man, an athlete, even athletes I don’t really care about much. “But Michael Jordan is a total legend, huge respect. That’s a big wow moment for me.”



It should not come across as a surprise to fans that Michael still has that obsession with speed. Throughout his career he was in the habit of being the fastest one on the court. In fact, he even owns a NASCAR team called 23XI Racing. Truly, despite his body not being as fast anymore, his legendary mentality will never change.


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