Devin Booker Consulted Vanessa Bryant Before Honoring Kobe Bryant in NBA 75 Commercial

The Phoenix Suns will soon restart their conquest for the NBA title. Spearheading their attack once again will be top guard Devin Booker. The 24-year-old has been on fire in the league, and is one of the biggest prospects right now. Growing up, the youngster drew a lot of inspiration from the late Kobe Bryant.





Thus, it is only natural that his passing was a huge jolt for Booker too. In a recent commercial, the Suns star paid a heartfelt tribute to his idol. In the course of his career, Kobe Bryant amassed around 25 points on average, but his impact on the game went well beyond the numbers. He became the persona of kindness, determination, and had the will to succeed at all costs.



‘The Mamba’ inspired Booker himself, who went on to get a tattoo out of his love for the Laker. The ink reads “Be Legendary”, which was the message that Kobe left for Booker after their last clash. And that will remain with the protege for all eternity. In the NBA 75 advertisement that was released last week, Booker saluted the great Kobe, but not without permission. The NBA has officially completed its 75th anniversary. To celebrate the momentous achievement, a 3-minute-long commercial was released. Along with Hollywood star Michael B. Jordan, some of the league’s top players featured in the advertisement.



This includes the likes of LeBron James and Kevin Durant. In a wonderful moment, upon making his appearance, Devin Booker stopped his vehicle in front of a Kobe mural and saluted to it. As reported by Kellan Olson, the 2-time All-star had in fact consulted Kobe’s wife Vanessa Bryant before making the gesture. As expected, she gave her thumbs up for it. “Devin Booker spoke with Vanessa Bryant before the salute to the Kobe Bryant mural in the NBA 75 commercial.

She 100% signed off on it and that made Book feel even better about it,” claimed the Suns insider. The NBA 75 advertisement surely brought mixed emotions for fans. We honor the maverick that is Kobe Bryant, not just today, but everyday of our lives. As for the league, 75 years is just another stepping stone in its great journey. Bring on the new season!