EXCLUSIVE: Lewis Hamilton revealed three(3) reasons why he return stronger than ever

The rumours of the Formula 1 offseason are now in the past, with Lewis Hamilton back and ready to drive Mercedes’ new W13 car in 2022. Team principal Toto Wolff is excited about Hamilton’s return and believes he is in great shape in every way. “I was never concerned that he was leaving,” Wolff told the media this week as the team launched their new car.



“We knew that he needed to take the time to reflect on things and particularly to understand how he would come back in the best possible frame of mind. “There was, on our side, no worries about him not coming back. “I think what he did was absolutely right, to take himself out of the microcosmos of Formula 1 and step aside, and black out socially.





“He has come back in a great mindset. He’s positive, he’s determined. “The adversity that was thrown at him will make him stronger. As he said, it’s attack mode.” Hamilton previews the 2022 season
Hamilton himself has had his say on the new campaign, when he’ll have George Russell as his new teammate.



“I never, ever said I was going to stop,” Hamilton stressed. “I love doing what I do and it is such a privilege working with this large group of people. “It was obviously a difficult time for me, a time where I really needed to take a step back, focus on being present.



“I eventually got to a point when I decided I was going to be attacking again coming into another season, working with Toto and George. “It is exciting seeing George coming in and bringing his energy. I can already feel that throughout the team. I think it’s going to be an exciting season. “We have done eight championships and now we have to move on to the next one.”