DJ Reader ‘Pissed Off’ After Pro Bowl Snub

DJ Reader 'Pissed Off' After Pro Bowl Snub

The 27-year-old finished with 43 tackles, seven quarterback hits and two sacks in 15 games last season.



He also compiled 12 tackles (three for loss), four quarterback hits and one sack in four playoff games.



DJ Reader 'Pissed Off' After Pro Bowl Snub



Despite his stellar play, Reader wasn’t even named an alternate for the 2022 Pro Bowl. The veteran defensive tackle voiced his displeasure about the snub in a recent interview with Dave Lapham.

“I’m not really somebody that cares about accolades or stats or things like that, but not even being considered as an alternate for the Pro Bowl last year really pissed me off,” Reader said.



“I was like ‘there’s no way you think eight guys in the AFC are better than me, but if you do then I gotta go out there and show you.”



DJ Reader 'Pissed Off' After Pro Bowl Snub



Reader also helped the Bengals hold Derrick Henry to just 60 yards on 22 attempts in Cincinnati’s 19-16 win over Tennessee in the divisional round of the playoffs last season. Reader has never been a Pro Bowl during his six-year career, despite being one of the best nose tackles in the NFL.