Distinctive Parenting Rules Michael Jackson Made His Kids Follow

Mike’s kids were intelligent, engaging, and well-adjusted children who adored their father. The man whom British tabloids used to call “Wacko Jacko” was one of the greatest artists to have ever walked the planet. He was a certified nut job whose career scaled unimaginable heights, yet he still doubled as a father to his three children:



Michael Joseph Jr. (Prince Michael), Paris Michael Katherine, and Prince Michael II, commonly referred to as Blanket (Bigi). Unfortunately, Michael Joseph Jackson passed in 2009 after a cardiac arrest that was reportedly caused by an overdose. Michael’s kids were barely in their teens,





and not much was known about the trio who spent most their lives sequestered in the pop star’s Neverland Ranch. The Gloved One lived a secretive life and kept his kid’s faces concealed when they were out in public. Mike’s life was a complex one, and his fans questioned his character after accusations were launched against him.



Even though he was found not guilty, the world continued to question his role as a father. But he was seemingly doing a good job, at least according to the intimate anecdotes about his parenting skills. These reliable accounts came mostly from Michael’s partners, workers, and family friends and they paint a different picture of the chimpanzee-hugging

King of Pop that everyone thought they knew. Apparently, the eccentric Mike had a close physical and emotional connection with his kids. This is despite the fact that he was labeled a “mad, bad dad” after dangling Blanket – who was just nine months old – outside the balcony of a Berlin hotel back in 2002.

According to the sources, Mike’s kids were intelligent, engaging, and well-adjusted children who adored their father. In return, the pop star did his best to make their lives normal despite his eccentricities and controversies. Mr. Jackson had a couple of odd rules that he made his kids follow, and we want to look at those rules in detail:

It was rare to spot Mike’s kids, but when you were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the trio, they were always wearing brightly colored face masks and scarves to conceal their faces. This was because MJ was highly secretive and didn’t want them to leave his massive family compound.

A close friend, Uri Geller, was convinced that the masks were a private joke on the media that MJ and his kids enjoyed playing. However, according to Stacy Brown, who was a former confidant of the Jackson family, Michael was genuinely afraid his kids would be kidnapped.

Michael ensured his kids did not just eat any food. According to Ian Barkley, one of Jackson’s long-standing photographers, the star’s assistants had a list of all the foods that the kids could and could not eat, especially when they were staying in hotels. In one incident, one of Jackson’s backup dancers,

Alife Sankey, recalls Paris Jackson opening up her purse and showing her sweets, but she wanted Sakey to be quiet because Mr. Jackson did not want his children eating candy.
Strangely, for a man who had become obsessed with his looks,

MJ didn’t want his children staring at mirrors for too long while getting ready, according to the Mail. Everyone, including his mother, Katherine Esther Jackson, thought he was going overboard with his surgeries, but Mike was determined to change his looks. He completed his fourth nose modification in 1986 and went ahead to put a cleft on his chin.


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