Disneyland fun! Vanessa Bryant takes her daughters Natalia, Bianka and Capri to the happiest place on Earth

Vanessa Bryant and her daughters had a fun-filled Wednesday at the happiest place on Earth.



The Bryant ladies went to Disneyland, which over the years has been one of the family’s favorite places to go.



In fact, Mama Vanessa opted to celebrate her 39th birthday this past May at the theme park in Anaheim.

For this latest go-around, she documented some of the thrilling moments with a series of photos she shared on her Instagram page in three separate posts.



The 39-year-old widow of NBA legend Kobe Bryant brought her three daughters, Natalia, 19, Bianka, five, and Capri, two, The first of the posts showed the proud mother snuggled up next to her Bianka,

who looked adorable with a pink bow in her hair as she flashed a big beaming smile that more than resembled her dad’s famous grin With a chill in the air, mom dressed her girl on a warm off-white jacket.



As for Vanessa, she bundled up in a black puffer jacket and donned a pair of stylish big frame sunglasses. The second photo showed the two younger Bryant girls, Bianka and Capri soaking in one of the dreamy Disneyland settings.

The photo was taken from behind as the rode along with waterway on a small boat. There’s also a shot taken out front of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and an assortment of images taken at night.



The third and final post consisted of nine images, which began with a lovely photo of big sister Natalia holding on tight to Capri, who was dressed similarly to Bianka, only she had an off-white coat with polka dots and a red ribbon in her hair.

Vanessa also also had a touching moment with Capri where she gave her girl a kiss while seemingly on one of the rides.

The rest of the seven photographs showcased some of the other popular rides and hotspot Disneyland has to offer, which included the always popular Snow White, which seems to grab the attention of the younger Bryant girls.