David Bakhtiari Rips Packers Employee Over Schedule Release Video

David Bakhtiari Rips Packers Employee Over Schedule Release Video

Between the combine, owner’s meetings, free agency, and draft the league has created and cultivated events outside the season that keep the media and fans constantly talking.



The NFL has masterfully grown its league into a year round business. The NFL’s latest baby is the official schedule release date.





Now held on a specific day every year with blowout media coverage, each team produces its own schedule release video for fans. While the Titans and Chargers were praised for their creative approach, outspoken Packers tackle David Bakhtiari thought the Green and Gold’s social team swung and missed.

Following the team’s release, Bakhtiari tweeted directly at Packers Vice President of Communications Jason Wahlers, asking if he had signed off on the video personally.





When Wahlers replied, Bakhtiari was very willing to hand out his opinion. While it’s true the Packers social media is trailing most the league in creativity and modern approach, it’s important to remember that a team of people likely worked incredibly hard on this project. Still, Bakhtiari is simply echoing the sentiment of a majority of fans.

Calling out a team employee publicly would generally fall into the category of low class so one would hope Bakhtiari has a close relationship with the Wahlers and this was done in some version of good fun.



Anyone who has watched Bakh’s recent appearances on Bussin’ With the Boys or The Volume understands the exact sort of person he is.

Regardless of anyone’s attempt to paint him as villainess or nefarious in the same way they did Aaron Rodger, Bakhtiari is simply a say what he thinks, mean what he says sort of guy. That approach apparently applies all the way to his team’s social media. And you’d be hard pressed to find many Cheeseheads who disagree with the take.