David Bakhtiari Hints His Interest in Huge Jets Trade Deal

David Bakhtiari Hints His Interest in Huge Jets Trade Deal

Aaron Rodgers has never really had a great history with his past teammates or the franchises he has played for.



While the QB only ever played for the Green Bay Packers before his move to the Jets, his departure from the team was on an unfortunate and bitter note.



David Bakhtiari Hints His Interest in Huge Jets Trade Deal



Even friend and former partner-in-crime, Devontae Adams, has expressed his constrictions while being alongside Rodgers. And this time, it’s another dear friend of his. But throughout all his soured relationships, his friendship with Packers OT David Bakhtiari has certainly been a pleasing sight for fans of the two.

Bakhtiari has been a huge supporter of Rodgers through thick and thin. Now, it seems like the duo are ready to work their magic together once again.

David Bakhtiari throws Aaron Rodgers reunion hint

While Aaron Rodgers finally made his way out of Green Bay this summer, he brought along friends and teammates from the Packers organization to join him in his new venture with the Jets.



WR Allen Lazard was the first teammate of Rodgers to reunite with the QB in New York City. But it seems like Rodgers’ best friend, David Bakhtiari, might be ready to do the same.





Bakhtiari posted a photo of him returning back to training with the Packers alongside one of Rodgers in his brand-new uniform. Bakhtiari makes a comeback to football following his 18-month journey with three knee surgeries. The OT for the Packers has been an ardent supporter of Rodgers throughout his career, and he would certainly make a great pairing with the 4x MVP over in New York City.

How are the Packers fairing without Rodgers?

Early in the offseason, David Bakhtiari suggested that the Green Bay Packers are in a ‘rebuild’ following the loss of Aaron Rodgers from the team.

While many, including his own organization members, criticized the OT for suggesting a rebuild, it would seem like the Packers are making good progress in their journey post-Rodgers.

David Bakhtiari Hints His Interest in Huge Jets Trade Deal

With Jordan Love taking over the QB role from Aaron Rodgers, the team is definitely not the contender that many have seen in years past, but the team is off to a great start in its rebuilding journey. Whether the veteran Bakhtiari remains a part of the roster heading into the season, or whether he finally reunites with Rodgers, is the big question that still remains for the Packers.