Controversial Hamilton biography heavily criticises Alonso

sir Lewis Hamilton will return to Formula 1 for the 2022 season, however what is taking headlines away from the British driver is a biography about him which is very critical of Fernando Alonso.



Alonso and Hamilton were teammates at McLaren for a single season back in 2007, yet the relationship quickly became fractured when it emerged that the rookie Hamilton was able to get as much out of the car as Alonso, the marquee primary driver at the time.



The definitive biography of Hamilton has been edited by geo Planet and written by Frank Worrall, who has worked on similar books about Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney.

The biography delves into the relationships Hamilton forged during his early years in competitive karting, as well as the special relationship he had with former McLaren team principal Ron Dennis after the pair met in 1995.



Regarding the tumultuous 2007 season, in which Hamilton narrowly missed out on the World Championship and the only season Alonso would spend with the team in that stint, there is a quote within the book from an anonymous McLaren team member from the time.

“It caused a lot of commotion when the press said we favoured Lewis because he was British,” the source detailed. “This was a lie; we were a team and owed everything to McLaren. Ron wouldn’t allow that to happen.



“Lewis was unique, he applied himself more than most experience drivers and unlike the rest was touched by a magic wand. Alonso was almost always angry.”


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