Beyoncé is the first Black woman to wear the legendary Tiffany diamond; know more about it here

Whatever they do, they do in style. This is what makes Beyonce and Jay-Z a power couple. They have collaborated with heritage jewellery brand Tiffany & Co. to become its new faces. According to a report in The Independent, while the husband and wife duo has come together for music projects before,



this is the first time they have appeared in the same advertising campaign. The singer shared photographs on social media, and we can safely say, the couple looks uber stylish. In one of the photos, they wear black evening wear, along with sparkling Tiffany jewels, while posing in front of a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting. Take a look.



Alexandre Arnault, the executive vice president of product and communications at Tiffany, was quoted as saying about the ‘ABOUT LOVE’ campaign: “Beyonce and Jay-Z are the epitome of the modern love story. As a brand that has always stood for love, strength and self-expression, we could not think of a more iconic couple that better represents



Tiffany’s values. We are honoured to have the Carters as a part of the Tiffany family.” The campaign will launch September 2, and will have an accompanying film with Beyoncé singing ‘Moon River‘ from ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s‘. The other reason why this campaign is significant is that the giant stone that the singer

has been photographed wearing is one of the most iconic pieces of jewellery in the world; it is the Tiffany Yellow Diamond. With it, the singer makes history as the first Black woman and the fourth person in the world to be wearing it. About the stone. Per the Independent report, the large yellow stone was first discovered in South Africa in the year 1877.

The 287.42-carat rough diamond was bought by Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of Tiffany & Co., in 1878. While it has been displayed in various exhibitions, it has rarely been worn — most notably by Audrey Hepburn in the press pictures for Breakfast At Tiffany’s. It was later learnt that it was, in fact, just a recreation of the real diamond.

Gadot was quoted as telling Harper’s Bazaar: “I was absolutely thrilled when costume designer Paco Delgado told me it would be a recreation of the Tiffany Diamond, one of the world’s most important diamonds. It was such a fun experience to have all of the glittering Tiffany jewellery on set.”