Beyonce accused of Photoshop fail after fans spot ‘wonky’ stairs by her waist in new pic

SOME of Beyoncé’s Instagram followers have accused the multi-award winning artist of photoshopping her latest post.



In the pic, Beyonce, 39, looked stunning in a green and grey mini-dress, opera gloves and oversized sunglasses as she went on date night with husband Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter, 51.



The Formation singer posed on a stairwell in the chic outfit and looked down at the camera.



Some people said because the stairs looked wonky, it was evidence the pic had been digitally altered



But some people have suggested the stairs behind her look a bit wonky near her waist, it may indicate Beyoncé’s team photoshopped the image to make her look slimmer.

“How do you make a phone selfie look like it was taken by a professional cameraman?” asked one Instagram user.

Beyoncé posted a series of photos in the chic sheer green dress

But her fans rushed to defend Beyoncé – who has won the most Grammys of any solo female performer – saying she looked so good, because “you have to be Beyonce.”


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