Best Dwayne Johnson movies: The Rock’s 15 greatest films

Dwayne Johnson is one of the hardest-working stars in Hollywood. Throughout the years, The Rock has starred in many movies, lending his skills (and charm) to multiple projects.



Before you read ahead, please note that the following ranking isn’t only based on box office winnings. The amount of money a movie makes never reflects its quality. There is more to it than that! We are ranking the movie on our personal preference, awards, performances, and more.



15. The Scorpion King



On opening day, The Scorpion King gathered over $12.5 million, for a total of $36 million over the weekend. Throughout its stay, the movie accumulated just over $91 million domestically. While I wouldn’t call this Dwayne Johnson’s role “the best,” the movie is a lot of fun. Also, for being one of Johnson’s first roles (and as the lead star), he didn’t do half bad. It was a decent introduction to the big screen. The movie also stars Steven Brand, Kelly Hu, Bernard Hill, and more.



14. The Other Guys



This action-comedy didn’t do as well as many would have imagined. It deserved better. With a budget of $100 million, according to Box Office Mojo, the movie went on to make just over $170 million worldwide. At least it made its money back. Dwayne Johnson is not a main character in the movie, so I wouldn’t watch it solely to watch him, as you may be disappointed. But if you’re just searching for a fun action-comedy, I definitely recommend it.

13. The Gridiron Gang

Despite its small budget of $30 million, we can’t truly say that this Dwayne Johnson movie came out as a winner as it only gathered $41.4 million worldwide. Johnson doesn’t even have a major role in the first two movies, but The Gridiron Gang is where we first truly see what the WWE star-turned actor has to offer. Many critics even praise his performance, it just wasn’t the story for him.

12. Fighting With My Family

A domestic total of $22.9 million and an international of $17.8 million give the movie a gathered total of $40.8 million. This movie is truly underrated. If you haven’t watched it because you never followed Dwayne’s WWE career (or WWE in general), please note you are going to enjoy it regardless. The main focus isn’t so much about the sport, but the hard-working individuals in the industry, particularly Paige and her brother Zak.

11. Baywatch

Baywatch gathered $58 million domestically and $119.7 million internationally, for a grand total of $177.8 million. So while it may not be the best movie, it made us laugh plenty! All we want is an entertaining movie, and Baywatch delivers. Not to mention, Johnson is a lot of fun to watch in this one! For a good comedy, watch this one if you missed it in theaters.

10. The Rundown

The Rundown was put together with a budget of $85 million — however, before you get too excited, you should know that the movie was a fail. At least in the eyes of the box office, it only accumulated just over $80 million worldwide. This movie is severely underrated! It’s truly a good time, Johnson and Seann William Scott are a dynamic duo here.

9. Skyscraper

With $68.4 million domestically and $236.4 million internationally, the movie gathered a grand total of $304.8 million. Dwayne Johnson is a great action movie star, but we love how there is a lot of motivation in saving the day in Skyscraper. In the movie, Johnson is a determined husband and father who is running out of time to save his family.

8. San Andreas

San Andreas accumulated a total of $473.9 million worldwide, $155.1 million from domestic ticket sales, and $318.8 million internationally. Johnson plays Ray Gaines, an LAFD search-and-rescue helicopter pilot who is about to face his biggest challenge yet! When San Andreas is hit with a magnitude 9 earthquake, Gaines has to navigate through the destruction to save his estranged wife (Carla Gugino) and daughter (Alexandra Daddario).

7. Central Intelligence

The $127.4 million the movie made domestically, together with the $89.5 million in international sales, make up a grand total of $216.9 million. Adding Kevin Hart to the mix was truly the cherry on top! Whenever Kevin and Dwayne get together, magic happens! This is true no matter what they do, even when they interact on social media, it’s fun to see.

6. Pain & Gain

The movie gathered just $49.8 million domestically and $37.4 million internationally, for a grand total of $87.3 million. Be warned, this movie is definitely a bit raunchy, which the trailer should give away, but you are used to this type of movie, it shouldn’t be a problem! Though Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are our favorite team, Mark Wahlberg and the Rock are a close second! These two should partner up again soon.

5. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

With $404.5 million domestically and $557.5 million internationally, the movie accumulated a total of $962.1 million worldwide. I think it’s safe to say that everyone was against rebooting the classic movie Jumanji. After all, no one can ever replace Robin Williams. But we were all surprised by how fun this movie truly is! If you haven’t given it a chance due to the same fears, no better time than now!

4. Rampage

A $428 million is an impressive total, especially when you consider that the budget of Rampage was a reported $120 million. For a fun action-adventure movie, watch Rampage during your next movie night in. You won’t regret it. Dwayne Johnson with a giant gorilla? Yes, please! This is a great movie to watch any weekend. And the summer season is a great time to do so.

3. Jumanji: The Next Level

With a budget of $125 million, Jumanji: The Next Level went on to collect over $800 million. From this sum, $320.3 came from domestic sales and $479.7 million from international sales. It’s not often that audiences enjoy a sequel more than the original movie, but Dwayne Johnson and the rest of the crew make magic happen because Jumanji: The Next Level is an LOL-good time.

2. Moana

Moana has a grand total of $693.3 million, pretty amazing. Moana is one of the best Disney- no, one of THE best movies of all-time in general! Dwayne Johnson may only be giving his voice to a character, but it truly brings it to life. The Rock was perfect for this role. Haven’t watched this movie because it’s a Disney movie and you don’t have kids? Stop making excuses and watch it ASAP! You’re welcome.

1. Furious 7

Furious 7 gathered: $1.5 billion. That’s right, with a capital B. International box office sales really gave this movie a boost, as the sales include $1.1 billion internationally and $353 million domestically. Dwayne Johnson makes his Fast & Furious introduction in Fast Five, quickly becoming one of the most popular characters in the movie series. I’m surprised Johnson wasn’t introduced to the franchise sooner, he fits perfectly!