Bengals QB Joe Burrow has once again shown how humane he is

Bengals QB Joe Burrow has once again shown how humane he is

When the Cincinnati Bengals drafted Joe Burrow first overall back in 2020, the franchise was getting not only a great football player but also a great person.

Burrow has made it his mission to give back to the state of Ohio, being from Athens.



Through the Joe Burrow Foundation, the Bengals quarterback has been able to help in the state of Ohio and the city of Cincinnati.

Burrow most recently paid for mental health treatment expenses at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for 20 local families, according to Tony Vincent Sr.





Burrow and his foundation work to address food insecurity and children’s mental health, per Vincent Sr.

Burrow’s parents, Jimmy and Robin, help Joe run the foundation and discussed this on The Mental Game Podcast with Brandon Saho.

Shannon Sharpe is undoubtedly one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history. After 14 seasons, he left the league as a multi-time champion and pro bowler, setting records in all major categories while revolutionizing how the position is played today.



Bengals QB Joe Burrow has once again shown how humane he is

Besides his incredible numbers, Sharpe is the definition of a character. He thrived in the spotlight, quick to either gloat to journalists or trash his opponents on and off the field. His phenomenal career mixed with that excellent gift of gab helped propel him to media stardom. We know who this dude is.



TV Personality, Hall of Fame Tight End Shannon Sharpe. But greatness often commands the most attention, outweighing the path it takes to get there. We’ll remember Sharpe as a legend, but he once had to fight for attention from NFL Scouts. A guy too small and slow for the pros. Someone who didn’t belong. And the dude who would never escape his brother’s shadow. Let’s meet these versions of Shannon Sharpe in the Prism.



Joe Burrow established the foundation back in 2022 to help with food insecurity and children’s mental/behavioral health throughout the state of Ohio, as well as, Louisiana.


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