Bengals’ key player is confident about future with team

Bengals' key player is confident about future with team

The Cincinnati Bengals are going to make quarterback Joe Burrow a very rich man soon with his impending contract extension. However, the Bengals have other guys to lock in for the foreseeable future.



Bengals' key player is confident about future with team



One of them is wide receiver, Tyler Boyd. The former second-round pick might be the “third option” in Cincinnati but Boyd has averaged over 800 yards in the last three seasons playing alongside Tee Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase and has turned into one of the league’s best slot receivers.

So, Boyd and the Bengals will have some important talks over the next year, but he’s rooting for his teammates to get the bag.





“I know we’ve got to get deals done with important players like Joe and Tee,” Boyd said, via The Athletic. “I’m good with money. I just want to see the guys that deserve it get paid. What happens in the future — hopefully, it works out for me.”

Chase and Higgins are considered slightly better players than Boyd, but he’s going into his eighth season with the Bengals meaning he’s seen the great and the terrible with this franchise.



Also, before they came to Cincinnati, Boyd had multiple 1,000-yard seasons. The Bengals’ front office will certainly take all of that into consideration when discussing the future of Boyd, and he has faith in the process.



Bengals' key player is confident about future with team

“I know I’m going to be a free agent next year, and at the end of the day, it will come down to money,” said Boyd. “I have a great, strong feeling that they will come with an offer to where it’s still going to be tough for me to leave ’cause this is my family. I spent my whole career here.”

Boyd has seen 2-14 and 4-11-1 campaigns as well as multiple deep playoff runs during his time in Cincinnati. He’s become one of the backbones of the organization, and it’ll be a shock if 2023 is his last year with the Bengals.