Bengals are sending a clear message to Joe Burrow

Advanced stats show Joe Burrow excels in specific category

Through his first three seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Burrow has already established himself as one of the top quarterbacks in the entire league – and it sounds like he’s soon going to be paid that way.



Joe Burrow and the team are currently in the process of negotiating a long term contract extension to keep Burrow in Cincinnati for the foreseeable future. And during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show last week, Bengals director of player personnel Duke Tobin sent a clear message to Burrow about his future salary: “it’s gonna be a sizable amount of money.”



Bengals are sending a clear message to Joe Burrow

“We’ve looked at a lot of different things. Thankfully, [Bengals vice president Katie Blackburn] on top of that one,” Tobin said according to Pro Football Talk.



“She’s the one that keeps us on track with the salary cap. Not only for this year, but for future years. So everything we do, and we’re looking now, but these dollars count, if you’re not counting them this year, you’re gonna count them next year, and the year after. So every dollar that goes out counts. So it’s a pie. Just how big of a piece of the pie, you know, the only thing I can predict with the contract is it’s gonna be a sizable amount of money, and he’s not going to be asking any of you for loans anytime soon. He’ll be paid well and he’s earned it.”



Bengals are sending a clear message to Joe Burrow



It will certainly be interesting to see what the Bengals ultimately pay Burrow and how much room the team has left in the salary cap afterward for other top players like Tee Higgins or Ja’Marr Chase.


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