Hamilton’s father: As far as I know, Lewis is going to continue competing

Lewis Hamilton’s father is confident that his son will continue to compete in the upcoming Formula 1 season. The Brit is yet to agree to a renewal with Mercedes, but Anthony Hamilton doesn’t see it being an unresolvable issue.
“As far as I know, he’s going to keep competing,” Anthony Hamilton said to Express.co.uk. “He loves racing, he loves what he does.”





Lewis Hamilton has become known for using his position to highlight social causes that he cares about, which is one of the factors motivating him to continue. “He has a voice now, which is fantastic,” his father added. “I spoke with him yesterday, he’s definitely going to continue competing.



“It has nothing to do with victories. He races because he loves it, not for trophies. Right now, we hope he keeps inspiring young children with dreams.”