Angela Cullen Reveals Her Responsibility Towards Lewis Hamilton Ahead of Main Race

Grand Prix weekends in Formula 1 can be quite exhausting for drivers and the crew working around them.



And this exhaustion will usually reach its peak ahead of the main race, as the crew would have to carry out abundant pre-race procedures and checks.



Well, here’s what the assistant of Lewis Hamilton has to say. Angela Cullen, physiotherapist and assistant of the 7-time world champion, revealed how she preps Hamilton up for the main race.

Angela posted an image on social media starring herself and Hamilton. And the picture depicts Angela clipping the Mercedes driver’s crash helmet prior to the race.



The Kiwi used the image to elaborate on the kind of tasks she has in hand ahead of a Grand Prix. “This picture captures one of the most exciting parts of my weekend.

It’s race day and we are on the grid. The atmosphere here is crazy, with our headphones on we are in our own world, listening to the instructions of the around timings and the car setup. This moment is intense,” she wrote on Instagram.



“I’m always so nervous, my hands are literally shaking. I’m clipping in his earpieces and radio to his suit loom that will connect to the radio in the car. This, I do every time he gets in the car.

So, that is at least 5 x every race weekend. But, on the grid, my hands are shaking so much, this task is always so much more difficult.”



After completing the checks and Hamilton is strapped into the cockpit, Angela revealed that she would look around the energetic team and the fans to make herself realize how blessed she is.

“It’s incredibly humbling to be standing there and I always have a realization of how incredibly blessed I am to be a part of this amazing team and this crazy circus of F1. #onebigfamily.

So blessed, ” she concluded. Angela does play a massive role in keeping Hamilton focused on the track.

And with Max Verstappen piling up impeccable pressure on the Briton amidst the championship fight, this is when Hamilton needs his trusted physio the most.

So, can Angela manage to guide Hamilton to his 8th championship title this season? Well, only time will tell.


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