Report: Cristiano Ronaldo offers himself to Man City; other outlets say he’s staying

Well that’s not something you might have The final hour or two on Monday in Europe was a time in which the craziness of Cristiano Ronaldo transfer rumors truly took over the Twitter verse.



It was a time, honestly, that some of us expected to happen a few weeks ago when Ronaldo’s Portugal side was dumped out of Euro 2020 a little earlier than their captain would have liked.





And that was before the front page of the Corriere dello Sport started making the rounds.According to Il Corriere, Ronaldo — who by every indication is set to stay at Juventus since the one conceivable option he had to go to, Paris Saint-Germain, just signed a certain other global superstar — offered himself to Manchester City in a hope to leave Turin this summer.



Man City, who has heavily been linked with a massive move for a star striker in Harry Kane, has been one of the few clubs in the world that have actually spent money this summer. (And you know why that is.)
The catch in all of this is that on top of Corriere dello Sport not being all that reliable is the fact that other more reputable news sources like Sky Sport Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio on his nightly transfer show and others around Europe have reported around the same period of time Monday night that Ronaldo isn’t going anywhere.

And, on top of that, the potential domino effect of Ronaldo taking Kylian Mbappe’s spot at PSG after the Frenchman moves to Real Madrid isn’t exactly as possible as some — translation: the Spanish press — were making it out to be before the transfer window closes. Also of note, Spanish TV hot take machine El Chiringuito reported that Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti also wants Ronaldo back at the club — which, obviously, would mean Florentino Perez has a sudden influx of cash on his hands.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not an option for PSG this summer. And the club doesn’t want to sell Kylian Mbappé either this summer.— Julien Laurens (@LaurensJulien) August 16, 2021So just think about if this Ronaldo rumor is true for a second here. (And I know we’ve gotten in trouble before for doubting some of the initial rumors linking Ronaldo with Juventus, so here we might go again with that.

Or something.) If Ronaldo did truly offer himself up to Manchester City, one of the few clubs that could actually afford his wages in this COVID-impacted economy, then that says something about what he thinks of Juve’s potential this season as well as his overall happiness at the club in general.

Now that’s all conjecture and trying to read into the situation as we are thousands of miles away, but the timing of it — especially with the barrage of rumors coming out of Spain — comes less than a week before Juventus’ season is about to begin and there’s plenty of other things for Max Allegri to be worrying about right now. Of course, knowing who Ronaldo’s agent is, it’s not like Jorge Mendes is just going to sit around and not try and get his biggest client into a prime situation to get another chance at Champions League glory as Ronaldo enters his late-30s.e expected to see.