Vanessa Bryant wins battle to force top officials to testify over Kobe crash site photos

Kobe Bryant’s widow has won her bid to force Los Angeles County officials to testify about photos taken at the late sports legend’s helicopter crash site. A federal judge has granted Vanessa Bryant’s request for answers about the pictures taken by Los Angeles County sheriff and fire chief staff.





The 2020 crash claimed the lives of Kobe and the couple’s daughter, Gianna, as well as seven others. Bryant’s legal win comes weeks after she was deposed in connection with her emotional distress lawsuit. Vanessa was stunned to learn that emergency workers had taken photos of the disturbing crash scene and showed them off to friends.



Judge Charles Eick ruled Sheriff Alex Villanueva and County Fire Chief Daryl Osby will be compelled to give pre-trial testimony about the photos in regards to the civil lawsuit filed by Bryant and other victims, who claim the pictures caused emotional distress, according to court documents viewed by The New York Post. “While we disagree with the court’s decision, we will make both the Sheriff and Fire Chief available for deposition,” lawyer Skip Miller told USA Today. “Their testimony will not change the fact that there is no evidence any photos taken by County first responders have ever been publicly disseminated.”



Villanueva previously admitted deputies had snapped, seen or shared images of the Calabasas, California disaster. “The impact of the helicopter crash was so damaging, I just don’t understand how someone can have no regard for life and compassion, and, instead, choose to take that opportunity to photograph lifeless and helpless individuals for their own sick amusement,” Bryant said during her deposition on Oct. 12.


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